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Here’s what clients are saying about Borislava`s Coaching

How I like to coach

I create a safe place for you, where you can share everything and be vulnerable without any judgment. I listen with understanding and 100% confidentiality. I empower you through new ways of thinking and being and help you maximize your full potential. I challenge you and I hold you accountable for following through with your goals.


Borislava and I have had some coaching sessions together. During our discussions, Borislava has shown me her great ability to listen and the ability to ask impactful questions. Her coaching style brings clarity and is truly transformational. Borislava has helpt me rediscover sides of myself that are important to continue my own personal growth. I highly recommend her as a coach.


This is my feedback about our coaching sessions with Borislava. We have been working for a few months. Our sessions helped me to realize the reason of my issues, to find the solutions that I can implement into my life by myself. During our sessions, she used various styles of coaching. That was really helpful because I’ve got different issues in different areas of my life. While we work together, I always feel myself supported and safe. She has created the environment where I can discuss everything I want. I still remember the situation when Borislava`s  questions helped me to create a metaphor deeply connected with my inner world. I found two base statements which support me in my daily life. In our sessions, I always found a way out or some interesting new ideas. And Borislava always asked me what’s my next steps. This moved me from my ideas, dreams, to the real actions. Some of these actions I already did, and has improved my own business. If you have some issues in your life, which say honestly, we all got I recommend to make a call to Borislava and I’m sure you will discover much more interesting things than I just said about your work.

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